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Working with our sister company Insight Technical Services, Inc. (ITSI), we can provide complete Oil and Gas field automation solutions.  IAI and ITSI have developed a series of field automation products based on the SCADAPack line of PLCs.  The SCADAPack PLC is a product that was designed specifically for the Oil and Gas Industry, and is designed to be able to stand up to the harsh environments that this industry faces.

Our PACK line takes the SCADAPack product and re-packages it into off the shelf ready to run field automation solutions for all types of different applications, including Wellhead, Tank Battery, Compressor, Pipeline, and other industry needs.

Battery-Pack: The Battery-Pack is a Tank Battery monitoring package that is offered in three different packages, for different tank monitoring applications. The differences are in the size of the tank battery facilities, number of tanks on location, and some of the local features required on location, which will vary per location. Although we do offer base unit products, we do offer customizations to fit a particular need.

Starter-Pack: The Starter-Pack is a product that links itself to the Batter-Pack. It typically goes at a remote well site that feeds product to the tank battery that the well is producing into. There are different variations of the Starter-Pack that cover different equipment that can be located at the well site for producing the oil and/or water. This can be an electric pumping unit, a gas pumping unit, or a hydraulic pumping unit.

Compressor-Pack: The Compressor-Pack is a full compressor control panel that can replace an old tattle-tail type panel on an existing compressor, or be put on a new compressor. There are two models of Compressor-Packs, one designed for most single stage compressors, and the second for multi-stage compressors. The advantage of the Compressor-Pack over other compressor monitoring and control panels is that it is also designed to monitor and control other functions at a wellhead location. We do also offer customizations to fit a particular need.

Cat-Pack: The Cat-Pack is a compressor catalyst monitoring system, which tells the customer when the catalyst is starting to plug up. This means that the compressor is running less efficiently and less environmentally clean. This allows the customer to replace it as soon as possible to stay in compliance to government standards. The Cat-Pack comes in three separate models that cover different types of jobs in the field. The first is the Cat-Pack 100 for single engine installations and is our economy model. The second is the Cat-Pack 200 which is for single engine installations and provides more features and capabilities than the 100. The Cat-Pack 300 provides the same functionality as the 200, but it is intended for multi-engine compressor stations.

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Starter-Pack  Starter-Pack