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Products Offered by Insight Automation, Inc.

At Insight Automation, Inc. we offer the latest in software packages for designing the best possible SCADA Automation system to best suit your needs. We are experts in the oil and gas industry, having provided automation for all aspects including; wellhead production, pipeline systems, compressor stations, tank battery facilities, and plant facilities.  Our expertise crosses over into the water and waste water industries, providing control and monitoring for waste treatment plants, lift stations, and pipelines.

We offer only the leading proven software packages, and can design a complete and comprehensive automation system, including Multi-Protocol Communications Software, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI's), Automated Alarm Callout Software, ODBC Database, and Web Based Solutions. We can build you a custom in-house system, or provide 24 hour monitored Web Hosting.

Our software solutions support the leading Field Equipment Suppliers. Utilizing the "Kepware Oil and Gas Server Suite" and coupling it with Wonderware Archestra, we will now be able to bring you a complete SCADA solution, utilizing the leaders in process automation, with unparalled knowledge and support.