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IAI Support

At Insight Automation, Inc. we pride ourselves on the work that we do, and we back up our systems with superior customer support. We offer support in a number of different ways. All of our systems come with manufacturer warranties on all PC equipment and software packages used in the system, and all of our work is guaranteed with a one year warranty.

We are always available to help our customers with their SCADA systems. We provide both telephone and Internet service to answer any questions that a customer might have regarding their system. We are able to install equipment and software that will allow us to remotely access customer SCADA systems if problems arise. In addition, we are always available to visit your site to provide on-site service as needed.

To keep your SCADA system running at its best we offer System Support Licenses that guarantee system software upgrades and provide routine maintenance on the system.


Support Phone Numbers

Main IAI Office

Grand Junction, CO Office

Borger, TX Office

See IAI Contacts for more information on how to contact IAI and IAI personnel.